230 Badass Cat Names for Tough & Ferocious Felines

Choosing the perfect name to encapsulate your cat’s unique personality is easier said than done, especially when they have a bold, take-no-prisoners attitude. For all the rough and tumble kitties out there searching for the perfect moniker, we’ve got a treat for you: the most badass cat names for all the ferocious felines out there. Without further ado, let’s dig into those names in a few broad categories.

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Male Cat Names

Tough male names are plentiful, whether you’re drawing from history, fiction, or just your favorite macho names that seem to suit your cat’s character. Before you commit to a name, try out a few names first to see how it feels and how your cat reacts. Give one of the 120 rugged male cat names down below a try or choose from a handful of favorites.

Hardcore & Badass Male Cat Names

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Badass Female Cat Names

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Female cats are just as tough as male cats, and many are even tougher customers when it comes to a fearless temperament. For all the warrior cats and feline huntresses in need of names, we’ve whipped up quite a few for you to sift through and consider. Skim 110 of those just below.

Tough & Badass Female Cat Names


Which Name Is Your Favorite?

Strength comes in many forms whether you’re a human or a furry feline, and there’s a stunningly wide variety of paw-somely tough and badass names to choose from. Whether your cat has a quiet, resolute dignity (Wallace) or a fiery, rebellious spirit (Buffy), the only thing between your cat and their perfect name is how fast you can decide on your favorite!

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