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Undoubtedly finding the best raw cat food may be an overwhelming task because of the choices available. We will make it easier for you by unveiling the top 10 brands for feline wellness that we like.

As pet owners become increasingly conscientious about their feline friends’ health, the demand for high-quality, natural nutrition has led to a surge in popularity of raw cat food. Raw cat food offers a closer approximation to a cat’s natural diet, providing essential nutrients without the fillers often found in commercial cat food.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the foods that stand out. Those companies that are committed to quality ingredients, nutritional balance, and overall feline well-being.

Top 10 Best Raw Cat Food Brands

Honest Kitchen – Mmmixers:

While primarily known for their dehydrated pet food, Honest Kitchen offers Proper Toppers as an excellent raw food supplement. Made with 100% human-grade ingredients, these meal toppers feature a blend of real, whole foods, including meat, fruits, and vegetables. Proper Toppers can be easily sprinkled over a cat’s regular food, providing a boost of raw nutrition.

Stella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s has become a household name in the raw pet food industry. Renowned for their freeze-dried raw cat food, Stella & Chewy’s sources premium ingredients, including cage-free poultry and wild-caught fish. Their formulations are free from grains, gluten, and artificial additives, ensuring a biologically appropriate diet for cats.

Primal Pet Foods:

Primal Pet Foods takes a holistic approach to feline nutrition with their raw cat food offerings. Using high-quality protein sources such as organic meats and fresh produce, Primal focuses on providing a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Their products include both freeze-dried and frozen raw cat food options to cater to various preferences.

Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food:

Nature’s Variety Instinct offers a range of raw cat food options that prioritize high protein content and minimal processing. With a commitment to raw, whole-food ingredients, their formulas are designed to mimic a cat’s ancestral diet. This brand offers both freeze-dried and frozen raw cat food to accommodate different feeding preferences.


RAWZ sets itself apart by crafting raw cat food in small batches, emphasizing quality control and freshness. With a focus on simplicity and minimal processing, RAWZ’s recipes include human-grade ingredients such as muscle meat, organs, and bone. Their commitment to natural nutrition makes them a popular choice among pet owners seeking a raw diet for their cats.

Nulo FreeStyle Freeze-Dried Raw:

Nulo’s FreeStyle Freeze-Dried Raw cat food offers a convenient and nutritious option for pet owners looking to incorporate raw feeding into their cat’s diet. Nulo prioritizes animal-based protein sources, with recipes featuring a variety of meats like chicken, turkey, and duck. The freeze-drying process helps retain the nutritional integrity of the ingredients.

Instinct – Raw Boost Mixers:

Instinct’s Raw Boost Mixers are a versatile option for cat owners who want to enhance their cat’s diet with the benefits of raw nutrition. These mixers can be added to a cat’s existing food, providing a boost of protein and natural flavors. With a focus on raw, minimally processed ingredients, Instinct aims to support feline health and vitality.

Wysong Archetype Raw Cat Food:

Wysong Archetype stands out for its commitment to providing raw cat food in a convenient and palatable form. This freeze-dried raw cat food features a blend of high-quality meats, organs, and essential nutrients. Wysong emphasizes the importance of a biologically appropriate diet for cats, making their products a popular choice among raw feeding enthusiasts.

Northwest Naturals:

Northwest Naturals offers frozen raw cat food options that prioritize quality ingredients and nutritional balance. With a focus on raw meat, organs, and bones, their recipes aim to mirror a cat’s natural prey diet. Northwest Naturals’ commitment to simplicity and natural nutrition has gained them recognition in the raw pet food market.

BIXBI Rawbble Freeze Dried Cat Food:

Rawbble cat food rounds off our list with its dedication to providing raw nutrition in a convenient freeze-dried form. With a focus on high-quality protein sources and a minimalistic ingredient list, BIXBI’s aims to support cats’ overall health and well-being. Their raw freeze-dried cat food options offer a balanced and biologically appropriate diet.

Keep in Mind

As pet owners increasingly seek to prioritize their feline companions’ health and well-being, the popularity of raw cat food continues to grow. The top 10 brands mentioned above have gained recognition.  Especially for their commitment to quality ingredients, nutritional balance, and the overall health of cats is apparent.

Whether you are opting for freeze-dried, frozen, or dehydrated options, these brands offer a variety. There are many choices to accommodate different preferences and dietary needs. Moreover, it is recommended to consult with a veterinarian nutritionist before transitioning a cat to a raw food diet. Accordingly, this will ensure that you are meeting their nutritional requirements.

With the right choice of raw cat food, pet owners can contribute to their cats’ longevity and vitality through a diet that closely aligns with their natural instincts.

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