Cat Brought to Shelter with Kittens, After Nearly 100 Days She Has What She Wished for Christmas

A cat was brought to a shelter with her kittens. After nearly 100 days of waiting, she got what she wanted for Christmas.

cat fluffy kittensRosie the cat and her kittensExploitsValleySPCA

Earlier this year, Rosie the cat was surrendered to an animal shelter, Exploits Valley SPCA, along with the rest of her feline family. She was raising her litter of five while helping another nursing cat with her kittens.

Rosie was friendly and appreciative to her caretakers, purring and rubbing against them. “She has raised her kittens to be friendly and lovable just like her,” the shelter shared.

Hoping Rosie could find a home as fast as her kittens, shelter staff began posting about her on social media.

sweet fluffy cat rosieExploitsValleySPCA

“Rosie arrived with her mom, who was also pregnant with a litter of kittens. These two cats have reportedly had litters for their whole lives. Rosie is now ready to be someone’s baby instead of looking after them.”

She was loving and caring to her five kittens as well as those from her mom’s litter.

snuggly kittens sleepingExploitsValleySPCA

Her kittens, Fig, Doodle, Strudel, Newton, and Gingersnap, blossomed into playful, rambunctious young cats, keeping Rosie on her toes with their antics. They learned to groom, eat from a dish, and use the litter box by imitating their mom.

When the kittens started spending more time on their own, Rosie was ready to retire from motherhood and enjoy her well-deserved rest.

ginger kitten basketGingersnapExploitsValleySPCA

She gave her best poses for photos as the staff rallied for her adoption. In the month that they posted about Rosie and her clowder, her kittens quickly garnered attention from the internet as applications for them started trickling in.

Once the kittens were weaned and independent, Rosie was spayed and ready to embark on a new chapter.

fluffy cat kittensRosie was a wonderful cat motherExploitsValleySPCA

Within weeks, the kittens left the shelter, one by one, but Rosie had yet to receive any interest. After all her kittens had gone to good homes, Rosie was alone in her condo, hoping her turn would come soon.

“All of Rosie’s kittens were adopted as soon as they were ready, and she’s left without a single application. This was months ago.” The staff were committed to finding Rosie the perfect home she deserved.

sweet fluffy kittens tabbiesFig, Doodle, Strudel, Newton, and GingersnapExploitsValleySPCA

On her 83rd day at the shelter, they shared another post about the sweet girl, hoping this time it would reach the right family. They waited another week until they finally received what they’d been looking for.

Andy came across Rosie one day and was utterly smitten with her. He immediately knew that she would make a great addition to his family.

sweet fluffy tabby catRosieExploitsValleySPCA

It was a match made in heaven. Andy opened his home and his heart to Rosie, and Rosie quickly claimed him as her forever human.

Rosie loves being held or carried around the house by her dad. She has become his sweetest companion, curled beside him when they watch TV together. She even puts her paw on his leg like a hug.

fluffy cat snuggles lapRosie has found her forever homeExploitsValleySPCA

“It’s safe to say Rosie is going to have a Merry Christmas this year. She is absolutely in love with her new owner, Andy.”

After nearly 100 days of waiting for a loving home, Rosie’s wish came true just in time for Christmas. She’s reveling in the holiday spirit, spending quality time with her favorite person in the world.

cat merry christmas treeRosie and her human dad, AndyExploitsValleySPCA

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