Cat Waited in a Park for Help to Escape the Cold, Happily Fell Asleep on the Person who Took Him in

A cat waited in a park for help to escape the cold and happily fell asleep on the person who took him in.

orange tabby cat strayFinnegan the catLittleWanderersNYC

Last weekend, a Good Samaritan contacted Little Wanderers NYC, an all-volunteer animal rescue, about an orange cat needing help to escape the cold.

The tabby was friendly and didn’t show any fear towards people, but no one came to claim him. “He is having a hard time adjusting to the freezing weather. He demands affection. He’s not sick, just meowing and shivering when it gets too cold,” the finder shared in a plea to the rescue.

“With bad weather expected and frigid temperatures hitting NYC, we must rescue this cat. We named him Finnegan,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

stray orange tabby cat parkHe was found in a parkLittleWanderersNYC

“For the past two months, he’s been living underneath a tree stump on pieces of tinfoil in a Queens park. He’s a forgiving soul to all the humans that failed him.”

Volunteers rushed to the park in the hopes of rescuing the cat. When they arrived, there was no sign of him. He had disappeared in search of shelter.

orange tabby cat strayLittleWanderersNYC

When they returned Sunday morning, they saw the tabby sitting near tree branches with his paws tucked in to keep warm.

Despite what he had gone through, Finnegan was so trusting that he approached people for attention. He would lean in for pets, close his eyes, and melt into their hands.

friendly stray catFinnegan was very friendly and craved attention and petsLittleWanderersNYC

As if he was ready to leave, Finnegan let rescuers pick him up and put him in a crate. He was a bit bewildered about the carrier at first but didn’t seem to mind it.

After living in the park for weeks, Finnegan embarked on a journey to a lifetime of love and comfort. “He’s been rescued right before freezing weather is expected to hit.”

orange cat rescuedHe was rescued right before the freezing weather was expected to hit the areaLittleWanderersNYC

Finnegan came with a voracious appetite and filled his belly to the brim. He was found intact (he will be neutered this week) without a microchip and estimated to be 1-2 years old by a vet.

He was so pleased to have a roof over his head and kind people to indulge him with chin scratches.

cat in foster care foodFinnegan arrived in his foster homeLittleWanderersNYC

With the support of the community, Finnegan quickly landed a foster home with Jessica Du.

It didn’t take long for him to emerge from the carrier, eat food out of his foster mom’s hand, explore his new space, and feel right at home.

sweet orange tabby catHe explored around his new space and felt right at homeLittleWanderersNYC

He cranked up his purr motor and laid his head on Jessica as he drifted off to sleep. “Finnegan fell asleep in his new foster home. He is so happy to be off the street.”

Within a day, Finnegan’s personality shone, illuminating the room with genuine affection.

sweet purring sleeping catFinnegan fell asleep on his foster momLittleWanderersNYC

“Finnegan loves to be the king of the castle. His favorite things are to explore, play with his favorite catnip toy, take naps in the sunlight, and cuddle right next to me,” Jessica told Love Meow.

cute cat orange tabbyThe king of the castleJessica Du

He responds to his foster mom and rubs his face affectionately against hers. “He’s the sweetest boy. I’ve only had him for three days, but I can tell he’s got the sweetest personality.”

Pure contentment washed over him, and he dozed off while kneading on his blanket.

happy kneady catFinnegan drifted off to a nap while “making biscuits”LittleWanderersNYC

“He is happy as a clam to be inside. He spent the entire day on his foster mom’s lap while she was working from home,” the rescue added.

Finnegan can now knead away on a blanket all day, bask in the sun, or snuggle with his human without a care in the world.

snuggly tabby catHe seeks attention and cuddles at every opportunityLittleWanderersNYC

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