Dealing With The Death Of A Pet?

And Not Sure What To Expect or Even Do?

I get it….as I have been there many times with my own pets at their end of life and support many people just like you when Dealing With The Death of a Pet!

This can be a difficult time because of the decisions that you may need or have needed to make about medical treatments, comfort for your pet, and maybe even euthanasia.

And with these decisions, guilt often times follows when you are Dealing With the Death of a Pet.

Yet, since feeling guilty about the choices you have made for your pet is just part of the normal grieving process please be kind to yourself when going through your journey.

If you would like to know about more about normal grief I cover those feelings in these articles…

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Hopefully, these articles will help you understand and have compassion for yourself when Dealing with the Death of a Pet just like they have helped my clients and others.

Remember, since your love remains constant for your companion, never devalue your grief over the loss of your important relationship with them. I encourage you to hold close to the sorrow that follows along with the dying process, the loss and then moving through a very challenging time by placing trust in your thoughts and feelings. By doing so you re-discover some of the things you shared and routines that you created with your buddy.

A little about The End-of-Life period…

This is a difficult time yet we can learn so much and gain a tremendous gift from the experience. Our pets devoted themselves to you and you to them. Managing your grief through this period can give you some amazing insight in relation to what your bond truly meant.

Here are some key points to consider When Dealing with the Death of a Pet…

  • Death is normal and inevitable, not a failure, accident, or catastrophe
  • If you can view death in this way it can free you to experience comfort, support, and fond goodbyes ~ instead of battling against forces beyond your control
  • Accepting death gives you the room to value the life of your companion
  • Recognizing death as part of life can help you stay focused on the joy that you received from your companion
  • Grief and mourning are different. Grief is internal, feelings, emotions and mourning is the outward display of grief. Funerals, memorials, and pet memorials are perfect examples of mourning.

Some End-of-Life Considerations When Dealing with the Death of a Pet

  • Initial awareness of loss is the time when you realize that losing your pet is happening and you begin to experience grief. This is when you are preparing for the death and begin to say goodbye
  • Coping with the loss is where death is imminent and you need to make some important end-of-life decisions which can include facilitating and supporting the dying process
  • Saying goodbye can happen before, during, and after the death of your companion. If you choose euthanasia you may choose to be present.

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