Kind Woman Took Kitten in When Others Couldn’t, the Young Cat Became Her Source of Laughter and More

A kind woman took a kitten in when others couldn’t. The young cat became her source of laughter and more.

sweet cute kittenWallaceNikki at myfosterkittens

Wallace, the kitten, was about four months old but had been in and out of places searching for a comfy home. His previous owners no longer wanted him due to his health issues. A Good Samaritan stepped in to help and took him to the vet.

The kitten charmed everyone he met but desperately needed specialized care. Hoping to give Wallace the best chance at life, the Good Samaritan brought him to Hearts Alive Village and pleaded with them to help him.

Nikki at myfosterkittens received a photo of Wallace seeking a foster home through the rescue. His forlorn face immediately tugged at her heartstrings.

kitten rescued specialWallace was brought to the rescue for a better chance at lifeHearts Alive Village

At the time, Nikki was near the completion of her radiation therapy. She had planned to resume fostering after the treatment, but when she saw Wallace’s pleading eyes, she couldn’t resist.

“We didn’t have any space to take him in, so I offered to foster him myself. I couldn’t turn him away,” Nikki shared with Love Meow.

special needs kittenHe has a heart condition and congenital abnormalitiesNikki at myfosterkittens

Wallace has grade 6 heart murmur with an enlarged heart and congenital abnormalities. His eyes are tiny due to microphthalmia, but he can see just fine. He has a charming little underbite and a big personality.

The kitten was treated for an upper respiratory infection and given all his favorite foods.

sweet kitten adorableWallace scarfed down his food in his foster homeNikki at myfosterkittens

On the first day home with Nikki, Wallace devoured a full plate of wet food like there was no tomorrow. He nodded at his foster mom a few times while eating as if to thank her for the nourishment and for taking him in.

After a few days of good food, proper care, and plenty of TLC, Wallace’s eyes were clearer, and his energy levels soared.

sweet kitten pawingHe likes to paw at his foster mom for attentionNikki at myfosterkittens

The inquisitive young cat quickly discovered many new favorite things, including pawing at his foster mom for attention.

His least favorite thing was, without a surprise, the dreaded vacuum cleaner.

kitten cute face wallaceNikki at myfosterkittens

He’s claimed every corner of the room and inspected articles of clothing like a true fashionista. “I wonder why all my shirts have cat hair on them.”

Wallace exudes so much energy when he plays.

kitten clothes wardrobeWallace inspects Nikki’s clothesNikki at myfosterkittens

He pounces with both front paws and wrestles while unleashing a flurry of bunny kicks. He’s learning to play with toys and is curious about anything that moves.

He enjoys accompanying his foster mom, placing a paw on her, and filling her heart with warmth and joy.

playful kittenHe loves to play and has a lot of energyNikki at myfosterkittens

When Wallace hears Nikki’s voice, he often gazes at her with his endearing sidelong glance, not with judgment, but with admiration.

“I promise every day of his will be filled with love and joy.”

kitten side eye sweetNikki at myfosterkittens

Wallace scampers around the house at the crack of dawn, jumping and frolicking until he tires out. When he is not playing, he’s finding solace in his foster mom while filling her heart to the brim.

He has been the sweetest companion to Nikki as she completed her last day of radiation today.

sweet kitten face wallaceNikki at myfosterkittens

The brave kitten is taking everything in stride and will see a specialist the following Monday. Nikki and her rescue will ensure that Wallace gets the best quality of life for as long as he lives.

kitten special attentionWallace is a little charmerNikki at myfosterkittens

“He’ll only know love and comfort from here on out.”

sweet kitten special wallaceNikki at myfosterkittens

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