My Dog Is Dying What Do I Do?

My Dog is Dying What Do I Do?

I hear this time and time again from people seeking help once they learn the news their dog is chronically ill. They say to me, “Wendy, My Dog is Dying What Do I Do?

These are heart-wrenching words and if you are grieving the pending loss of your dog you may be saying them as well.

Even the thought of your dog reaching the end of life stage can easily leave you numb beyond belief.

When you hear your veterinarian say to you, “There is no cure.” What are you going to do? Your dog is your best friend and is always there for you, showering you with unconditional love and sloppy kisses.

I myself have never gotten used to those words with any of my dogs diagnosed with cancer.

I promise you, you are not alone and I am so happy you are here.

I’m offering you tools to support you when grieving a dog who is terminally ill. And in this article and in my book, I supply you with options, so you can begin to heal your pet loss grief during this special time. I will support you right away with your grieving journey.

my dog is dying what do I do

If you received news that your dog is going to die, time is limited, and you want to do the best you can to support your dog through this special time during his or her cycle of life you will find kind words and actual ways to help you and your dog.

There are many things to consider when you Begin Your Journey. One of the first things I help my clients with is to learn and become knowledgeable about pet loss grief.

Here are 5-Important Things to Learn:

  1. What is Normal vs Abnormal Grief
  2. How to create a plan that really works for you and your dog
  3. What are the 7-stages of grief and how can you navigate them with grace
  4. How to recognize the pet loss grief myths so they don’t trigger your grief
  5. What you can do when someone says something hurtful or unsupportive

When you learn about your grief you become knowledgeable. This knowledge will help and support you through the rollercoaster ride that you are about to take when grieving a dog.

Yet, there is always more to do when riding the rollercoaster of pet loss grief. This is not to overwhelm you but to offer you more compassion support so you don’t have to feel alone.

The next way to heal the pain of pending pet loss grief is to think about how you are going to Live Your Journey. I am going to share with you the 5-ways that I suggest to my clients. They are also covered in more detail in my book, My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do?

Before I explain the 5-ways to Live Your Your Journey I want to share with you a quote by Rumi that I absolutely love. It helps me live through a trying times.

Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart

open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally

in your life’s search for love and wisdom.

5- Things to Consider During Your Pet Loss Grief Journey:

  1. Why celebrating life is important and healing
  2. Why planning new adventures will create new memoirs
  3. Why forming a health care team can be helpful for you and your dog
  4. Why caring for yourself is necessary
  5.  Why saying Thank You to your dog is important

Once you have the knowledge about what your grief emotions are it then can be extremely healing to begin to take action for what you are going to do next for your dog and yourself.

It is not healthy to stuff your grief emotions. Staying present with your grief is necessary and knowing how you are going to spend your time with your dog is healthy.

When you Live Your Journey you are setting yourself up to cope proactively and positively with the myriad feelings that will come up during this time. Especially when you ask the question, My Dog is Dying What Do I Do?

It’s normal to experience overwhelming feelings that you are not doing enough for your dog. Know that these are normal, and also take action.

Since the pending loss of a dog is tough to navigate. The more knowledge you have and the more you take care of your actual plan of action there will be a time for some very tough decisions.

The next part of your journey is probably the toughest and one you might not want to deal with yet. That is okay take your time.

Probably the last thing that you want to think about right now is how you are going to prepare for the last day of your dog’s life. I do find that when my clients prepare for this time the chaos and stress is more manageable which results in being present for your dog.

This is a difficult time but I am here to help.

Are you asking yourself, “Isn’t it enough to feel and get in touch with my grief? Won’t being in touch with my grief help me during these last few days, hours, moments, and even after my dog died?”

Yes, it will! It’s very important to know and understand everything that you are going through to heal your pet loss. I do find that when my clients prepare for this time the chaos and stress is more manageable which results in being present for your dog. This is a difficult time but I am here to help.

This is a difficult time but I am here to help.

Here are 5-Compassionate Ways to End Your Journey: 

Learn how to…

  1. Prepare yourself the best you can for the last day
  2. Make those difficult decisions so you can ease your guilt ahead of time
  3. Write a Love Letter which will help with all your grief feelings
  4. Recognize your new normal and what to expect after death
  5. Choose happiness and know that this is ok to feel

Your dog plays an essential role in your life. You share adventures, emotions, and passions. Together you give each other a multitude of gifts that in some way make both of your lives a little easier and a lot more fun.

People who feel alone with their feelings of grief over the loss of their dogs have found support from the suggestions and information in my bookMy Dog is Dying What Do I Do?

Denise, who’s dog Sadie had cancer, explained—

The best thing about this book is that it can immediately put your mind at ease, center your soul, and provide tips on how to instantly feel less hopeless, less alone, and less freaked out. I use My Dog Is Dying What Do I Do? every day to get through all the crazy feelings and situations that come with losing Sadie to a horrifying disease. Plus, Wendy provides an extra bonus of ways to prepare for the end of your dog’s life. Without this book, I would be a mess.

I promise you that when you read and follow the tips in My Dog Is Dying What Do I Do?, you will feel like you have acquired a new best friend that totally gets what you are going through. And I promise it will be your first-aid kit that will give you solutions to some of the most difficult decisions and situations that you will experience.

Please don’t be the person who goes through grieving a dog alone. Be the person who actively takes death by the hand. Be the person who can make sound decisions on how to take care of your dog during this special time. And be the person who looks at the pet loss grief journey as an opportunity to not fear death but as a journey to learn, love, and heal.

The book that you are about to read will help you create a compassionate, respectful, healthy, and loving journey for you and your dog to share during this tough, yet special, time.

When you ask yourself, “my dog is dying, what do I do? Remember, you will never have to feel alone when grieving. There is support for you.

my dog is dying what do I do

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