National Love Your Pet Day – Write a Love Letter

Today is National Love Your Pet Day! – Celebrate Your Pet

Even if You are Suffering from Pet Loss

Today is National Love Your Pet Day and your grief maybe making its presence to you loud and clear!

Please don’t worry about that! What you are feeling is very normal and can be expected on a day like today!

If you are at the point in your journey where you want to do something very special for your dog, cat, horse or any other pet that you may share your life with this simple exercise on National Pet Day that will last forever, which is wonderful.

A thoughtful way . . . A Love Letter

Maybe you would like to create a very different way to tell your pet how much you love him or her. However, your mind clutter may be a little chaotic with all your thoughts and feelings at this point. Remember that is okay.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey because writing a love letter to your pet at any time is a wonderful way to heal your pet grief.

When you can collect and express the love that you have for your pet in a love letter, it is extremely helpful for your pet grief journey.

Are you not sure where to begin on National Love Your Pet Day?

That is okay. I am going to help you and encourage you to spend some time today jotting down special memories or things that you want to tell your pet.

Even spending only five to ten minutes writing down some special memories will help you. It will lead to your writing a personal and meaningful love letter to your pet.

Keep in mind this is your proclamation of appreciation, healing, apology (if needed), and inclusion of anything else that you may want to express to your pet before the time of death.

So many have found healing and solace when they wrote their love letters. My clients write a series of letters that help them move through coping with pet loss with grace, respect, and compassion for themselves.

Keep in mind

This letter doesn’t have to be perfect because your pet doesn’t mind that you spelled something wrong or that your sentence isn’t complete.

Cherish that you both love and care for each other. Cuddle with your pet if they are still alive. Have a photo with you while you read it out loud and feel good about how you are walking this journey of pet loss grief on National Pet Day!

If you would like more support on National Love Your Pet Day I also have some beautiful Pet Loss Poems and Pet Loss Quotes that are free for you to download to add to your Pet Memorial.


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