National Pet Month 2023: When It Is & How to Celebrate

Whether they’re providing laughs with their zoomies or snuggling up to us when they sense we’re sad, pets contribute so much love and benefit to their owner’s lives. National Pet Month is the perfect time to celebrate your furry little family members and all the joy they bring to our lives, but when is it?

National Pet Month is observed in May annually in the United States and April in the United Kingdom. This special month presents devoted pet lovers with an entire month to spoil and dote on our beloved animals. Read on to learn more about what National Pet Month is and how you can celebrate it.

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What Is National Pet Month?

According to the National Pet Month United Kingdom website, the goal of this month is to raise awareness for responsible pet ownership. The organization launches educational campaigns annually to:

  • Increase public awareness of the role that pet care specialists play in their pet’s lives
  • Help people understand the mutual benefits of living with animals
  • Raise awareness of the value of assistance companion animals
  • Encourage funding for United Kingdom-based pet welfare charities and organizations

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Top 7 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

There are plenty of ways we, as pet owners, can celebrate pet month.

1. Learn More About Your Cats

We at Catster have tons of articles you can peruse to learn more about your beloved feline family members so you can better understand them and take care of them. For example, did you know that your cats might choose to sleep on you because they’re marking you as their territory? Or that your kitty may be resource-guarding their food or toys because they have feelings of abandonment? The more you know and understand about your cats, the better cat parent you can be, so take some time during National Pet Month to brush up on your knowledge.

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2. Book a Photoshoot With Your Cat

While it’s common for dog owners to tote their pets along with them to photography sessions, it’s much less common to see cat owners do the same. Cats generally aren’t as well-behaved outside as their canine counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the photographer to you and take photos where they feel safe, in the comfort of their homes.

3. Spoil Your Kitty

National Pet Month is the perfect time to buy your kitty that new scratching post or toy you’ve been eyeing up at the pet store. The more enrichment you can provide your pet, the happier they’ll be.

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4. Invest in Pet Insurance

According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), less than 20% of cats have pet insurance, compared to over 80% of dogs. While veterinary fees can be pricier for dogs simply because they’re often much bigger than their feline counterparts, that doesn’t mean that vet costs for cats are cheap. A routine visit can cost nearly $180, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Pet insurance may be another monthly expense to account for, but if your kitty falls ill or requires surgery, it can make the difference between getting your pet the help they need and not being able to afford it.

5. Volunteer

Your local pet shelter or animal rescue is probably in dire need of volunteers, so what better time to give up some of your free time than National Pet Month? The animals waiting for their forever homes will enjoy spending time with you as much as you’ll relish the time you spend with them. Be careful, though; if you’re anything like me, you could get attached to these sweet babies, which leads us to our next point.

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6. Adopt a New Cat

If you have been considering adding to your feline family headcount, National Pet Month could be the perfect time to make it happen. Of course, we don’t recommend adopting a kitty just because of National Pet Month. Make sure you have the means available to provide for another pet!

7. Donate

Donations to your local animal shelter or rescue are always needed and appreciated. Don’t feel you have to make cash donations if you’re struggling to make ends meet as it is. Some organizations will gladly accept toys, blankets, and even stuffed animals your children don’t use anymore. Be sure to call around to see what resources your local shelters require so you can donate things they’ll actually use.

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Final Thoughts

Sometimes, we need a reminder to show our pets just how much we care for them. Set a reminder for April 1st if you’re in the United Kingdom or May 1st if you’re in North America to remind you to dote on your kitty lots to celebrate National Pet Month.

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