Nurturing Holistic Pet Hospice Care for a Gentle Goodbye

Holistic Pet Hospice ~ Ways to Nurture your Companion for a Gentle Goodbye

Are you looking for ways to help your companion with a holistic pet hospice approach to help them feel more comfortable during a challenging time?

Many of my clients use these multiple ways. They find them helpful when caring for their dogs, cats, and horses. All are beneficial when their companions are chronically ill or when they reach the end of their life.

This is one of my favorite topics when dealing with pet grief for my clients and their companions.

In fact, it is one way how my work as a massage therapist for humans, horses and hounds developed into working with people and their pets that are coping with pet grief and loss and desiring holistic pet hospice choices.

When Considering Holistic Pet Hospice

One of the most important things to remember is to pick your holistic pet hospice team wisely. Be sure that everyone is on your side and has your companion in their best interest. If someone on your professional team is not willing to respect your decisions and wishes – then it is time to find someone who will.

Susanne’s Journey

When Susanne was ready to put Noodle’s healthcare team together I coached her with this first task. Finding a regular medical veterinarian that she trusted and who communicated well. Plus someone who respected her journey and choices.

Since Susanne’s current veterinarian didn’t respect some of her holistic choices she had to find a new veterinarian. It was the best for her and Noodle during their journey.

Having a regular veterinarian and specialists on board can be useful. When it comes to diagnosis or emergency your holistic veterinarian may not include in their scope of practice.

Since Susanne wanted to integrate holistic medicine I then guided her to do some research for a holistic veterinarian. This took a little time. But within a week, she found one that had experience. As well as her horse’s best interest in mind.

The added bonus was that her medical veterinarian was willing to communicate to her holistic veterinarian.

This helped Susanne because she didn’t need to waste valuable time with an unsupportive team member. Both of these veterinarians were willing to work together which gave her peace of mind.

Having your medical team together is important. And is the first step to consider when you consider holistic pet hospice choices.

Yet, your healthcare team doesn’t need to end with just the medical profession. There are many other types of holistic pet hospice care that you may want to consider adding to your team.

Massage Therapy

Having a trained canine or equine massage therapist on your team can be really helpful for your holistic pet hospice experience for a variety of reasons.

Massage can help your dog, cat or horse relax and feel more comfortable if there is any pain. The pain may not be from the illness itself. The fact is they might not be able to use their muscles like they used to. And the inactivity causes their muscles to become sore and stiff.

A gentle massage keeps the circulation moving. Which can help with the removal of toxins in the blood stream and allows for healthier muscle tissue. My clients love their massages during this stage of their lives.

Animal Reiki or Energy Practitioner

The other member of your holistic pet hospice team you might want to include is an Animal Reiki practitioner or a practitioner that practices other forms of energy healing.

Reiki can balance your companion’s energy and help them feel relaxed, calm and suffer from less anxiety during this time. They begin to breath deeper, relax more and settle into a very calm state of mind.

There are many other forms of energy work that are extremely beneficial and that you may want to consider. Integrative Manuel Therapy and Tellington Touch are two others that I incorporate into my practice with great results.

Acupressure or Acupuncture

Both of these modalities are extremely helpful. Acupuncture is where tiny needles are placed in strategic places to balance your companion’s energy. Acupressure uses the same spots with a thumb rather than a needle.

Both of these techniques have excellent results for a variety of issues. Pain relief, increased mobility, lowering stress are just a few of the benefits that acupressure or acupuncture can provide.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a great way to support your beloved . Herbs can help with supporting the immune system, pain relief, digestive support and more. My dog Marley was on a Chinese herb that actually shrunk tumors associated with nasosarcoma.

There are many more options for you to consider when building your team for holistic pet hospice and it can take some time and some patience. I encourage you to begin this process right away.

The important thing to remember is that when choosing your health care team is to choose a team that has the proper training, experience, and credentials to practice your choices for holistic pet hospice choices.

Keep in Mind

There are some things I would like to point out so you choose the best care for your companion. These considerations are important and may require some research.

Always be sure your practitioner choices have the proper training and credentials.

A human massage therapist not trained in canine/equine anatomy could cause harm due to the fact they do not know how the canine/equine body functions. The same is for energy work, acupuncture, Reiki, etc.

A Story about Oreo Holistic Pet Hospice Experience

Oreo was a beautiful border collie and loved his massages.

When his owner Jeannie found out Oreo had cancer she immediately called me. She wanted to help him feel better so that he would be able to lead his life with less pain.

Oreo came weekly for 10 months. At first came his muscles were so rigid. From the fact that he was limping which was throwing his active body off alignment.

Yet when the time came that his leg needed to be amputated his gentle muscle health was in excellent shape. Even though his daily exercise was compromised his muscle were still healthy because of the benefits of massage therapy.

The transition for him was easier because his muscle health was excellent. Oreo was with me for 10 months. He went through chemo like a champ and lived every day with shear pleasure.

Giving Extra Support with Holistic Pet Hospice

This is a challenging time for you and its important to nurture yourself as well. Receiving massages, energy work, and acupuncture is beneficial. I find reading or even writing pet loss poems helpful.


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