Skinderlop (Sphynx & Scottish Fold Mix) Pictures, Info, Temperament & Traits

The Skinderlop cat breed is a crossbreed of a Sphynx and a Scottish fold, which makes one of the most adorable cats you’re ever going to see. This is a pretty much hairless cat that has folded ears and a waif-like appearance.

The Skinderlop is a pretty new breed, having first been bred in December of 2012, and there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding its existence. With that being said, this is an intelligent, friendly, playful breed that does extremely well with families, singles, kids, and other pets alike. They are interactive, social, and enjoy being held and cuddled.

If you’re looking to adopt a Skinderlop kitten, then there are a few things you’re going to want to know. We’ll discuss some of that information in the blog below.

Height: Around 18 inches
Weight: 5 to 9 pounds
Lifespan: Around 12 years
Colors: Varies
Suitable for: Families, singles, kids, people with other pets
Temperament: Social, interactive, friendly, intelligent, agile

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Skinderlop Characteristics

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Skinderlop Kittens

This adorable hairless kitten doesn’t come without a few hurdles to climb. Firstly,  You can expect to pay between $1,500 to $2,000 for one of these kittens from a reputable breeder. Since this is a new breed, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find one at a local rescue, but it is possible if you keep looking.

However, it’s important to note at this point that the steep price tag for a Skinderlop kitten isn’t the only money you’re going to put out to adopt this breed. First, you need to find a reputable breeder, and then once you adopt your kitten, there are other expenses to consider.

You have to add in the cost of vaccines, microchipping, food, bowls, beds, and more for your little Skinderlop kitty. There are also going to be annual and recurring expenses such as food, toys, and pet insurance to consider. If you’re going to adopt a Skinderlop kitten, then it’s important to note that they come with a huge responsibility, not just the upfront cost to purchase the kitten.

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Skinderlop

Of course, as with any pet you’re considering bringing into your home, you want to know what type of temperament the Skinderlop has and how intelligent the cat is. Never fear. Your little kitten is loving, intelligent, agile, and a bit mischievous. The kitten gets its smartness and friendliness from its Sphynx parent and its sweetness and gentleness from its Scottish Fold parent. As with any pet, it’s according to how the cat is raised as to whether it keeps these traits or not.

Are These Cats Good for Families? 👪

These cats are great with families, as they are curious, playful, and don’t mind being held at all. However, this is a little cat that has very sensitive skin, so it’s best to teach any children that are going to be around your feline friend how to handle and play with animals.

It’s also never a good idea to leave children and your feline pal alone to play, as it’s too easy for the cat to become injured. Also, if the cat is hurt or scared, it could strike out at a child that doesn’t know any better. As with any other animal, the earlier you socialize and train your Skinderlop, the better it will get along with children and other people.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

While this is a new breed of cat, it seems to get along with other pets just fine. You do want to socialize and train your Skinderlop kitten from an early age, as well as the pets that you’re going to have the cat around as well for the best results.


Parent Breeds of the Skinderlop
Image Credit: (L) sophiecat, Shutterstock | (R) Irina Vasilevskaia, Shutterstock


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Things to Know When Owning a Skinderlop

Now that you know all about the Skinderlop breed, you might have decided you want to purchase one from a breeder. It’s crucial that you find a breeder that is reputable and treats its cats well. Make sure to visit the breeder before making any final decisions to look at the conditions of their facility and how the animals are treated.

With that being said, now that you’ve decided to adopt a Skinderlop kitten, we’ll give you a little information about the kitten’s food, diet, and exercise requirements, as well as a bit about training, grooming, and possible health conditions to watch out for in the sections below.

Food & Diet Requirements 🐡

There are no specific requirements for feeding the Skinderlop cat breed. You do need to make sure that you feed your cat a high-quality, protein-packed food. It’s also best to feed the cat on a schedule, with two to three meals a day, instead of letting the cat free feed to avoid weight issues.

Exercise 🐈

This isn’t a very big cat, so a normal amount of exercise is needed. Make sure that you have plenty of toys, perches, and cat trees for the cat to climb to get the exercise it needs to be healthy and happy. This breed is intelligent, so having toys and food puzzles might be a good idea to stimulate the cat mentally and keep it from becoming bored.

Training 🧶

As with any other cat, you should be able to easily train the Skinderlop to use the litter box and not get onto the counters. Train your Skinderlop from a kitten for the best results.

Grooming ✂️

Grooming can be a bit harder when you’re dealing with a hairless cat. The Skinderlop is going to need to be bathed regularly to keep its coat clean. It’s also best to keep your Skinderlop inside, as they burn easily and get cold easily as well.

Putting a sweater on your kitten during the winter months isn’t just adorable; it’ll help keep your little friend warm and from getting sick from the cold also.

Health and Conditions 🏥

Your kitten is a crossbreed, so there are some minor and severe health conditions to watch out for. These conditions might be inherited from the kitten’s parents, and then again, they may never make an appearance at all.

Minor Conditions

  • Bacterial skin infections and conditions

Serious Conditions

  • Lordotic spinal curvature
  • Pectus excavatum of the breastbone

If you see any symptoms of the above conditions in your cat, it’s best to make an appointment with your vet for a diagnosis and possible treatment. Make sure that you take your cat in for regular checkups, as this is the best way for the vet to catch problems before they get worse or become a serious issue.

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Male vs Female

There are no differences to speak of between the male and females of the Skinderlop breed. The male may be a bit bigger than the female, but not by much.

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3 Little-Known Facts About Skinderlop

1. Though Hairless, the Skinderlop Is Not Hypoallergenic

Some think the Skinderlop is hypoallergenic, but this isn’t the case. In fact, no animal can be truly hypoallergenic, so you need to be careful if you’re allergic to cat hair. Though the Skinderlop is hairless, it still has a very light down that some pet owners could be allergic to.

2. The Skinderlop Is Susceptible to the Weather

You might have already guessed that the Skinderlop kitten is susceptible to the weather. Since the cat is hairless, it sunburns easily and gets cold easily as well. They are more likely to develop sunburn if they are outside a lot, and in the winter, they feel the cold easily. This breed’s skin can be easily injured as well, so be careful with your kitten.

3. The Skinderlop Requires Regular Bathing

While most cats don’t have to be bathed very often since they tend to clean themselves, the Skinderlop is going to need regular baths to protect its skin and to keep its coat clean.

Final Thoughts

The Skinderlop cat breed is a cross between a Sphynx and a Scottish Fold. These are hairless cats that need to be bathed regularly and kept out of the heat and cold conditions, as they have very little fur to protect them from the elements.

This breed is pretty new, having only been bred in 2012, and is adorable, sweet, loving, and a bit mischievous. If you’re considering giving one of these cute cats a forever home, make sure to choose a reputable breeder. It’s also crucial to realize that taking on a pet is a huge responsibility. They require nourishment, a place to sleep, and a place to be safe. They also need love, patience, and attention. If you give your Skinderlop kitten all of these things, you’ll gain a loyal, loving friend for life in return.

Featured Image Credit: (L) New Africa, Shutterstock | (R) Andrey Tairov, Shutterstock

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