Take Your Cat to Work Day 2024: When & What Is It

Cats can be incredibly affectionate. They rub their heads on our faces, make biscuits on our legs, and cheer us up after a long day at the office. But what if we could take our fur babies to work?

Well, there’s a perfect date for that: the Take Your Cat to Work Day! Celebrated on the third Monday of June, the TYCTWD recognizes cats’ impact on our lives.

No matter how stressful things may be at the office, felines can lift our spirits and boost our productivity. What can we do on this day to appreciate our kitties? Time to find out!

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Who Came Up With “Take Your Cat to Work Day”?

It all started back in 1999 when the Take Your Dog to Work Day was first introduced to celebrate and recognize the pups. It always falls on the Friday right after Father’s Day, and we have Pet Sitters International (PSI) to thank for coming up with this holiday. Now, it’s been more than two decades since TYDTWD was created and a canine following its owners to work is a fairly common sight these days.

Feline owners felt left out, though, which is why in 2005, PSI officially established Take Your Cat to Work Day. Since it’s always celebrated on the third Monday of June, there’s plenty of time to party with the cat and still get ready for the big day for the dogs. If you own both animals, the whole week will be one big holiday!

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Is This a Popular Celebration? What’s It About?

This day was created to acknowledge just how amazing domestic cats are, promote adoption, and support local shelters and communities. With that, it’s a great opportunity to take the feline to work, introduce it to your colleagues, and shower the pet with love and care. Companies that support this idea often put together virtual events, letting employees celebrate their pets together.

Take Your Cat to Work Day has only been around since 2005 and a lot of people do not know about it. That’s partially because many cat owners don’t like to bother others by bringing their pets to an office building. The pandemic also took its toll on the popularity of this celebration. However, these days, Take Your Cat to Work Day is starting to get nationwide recognition.


Why Does “Take Your Cat to Work Day” Matter?

Dogs have been in the spotlight for quite some time now with Take Your Dog to Work Day, so it’s only fair for cats to get recognized as well. Besides, if your furry bud loves nothing more than to try new things, taking it to work will be a wonderful experience for it. More importantly, this day offers a chance to do something nice for our fluffy companions.

Now, a feline knocking over stuff like folders, reports, and your favorite cup can be a bit stressful. This is especially true if the pawed troublemaker decides to mess up a colleague’s desktop. That said, the sight of a cat batting at a paperclip or potted plant can be amusing. Or if your pet is an exemplary feline citizen, it will just cozy up next to the lights or the heater and let you focus on work.

The biggest pros of bringing a cat to work include:

  • You won’t have to worry about the fur baby staying at home all alone
  • It will be good for the cat to interact with strangers and experience new things
  • There might be other felines at work for your pet to make friends with
  • It will present an opportunity to start a conversation with colleagues
  • Having a cat sitting next to you can provide comfort and relieve stress

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Bringing the Cat to Work: A Quick Guide

Before you put the fur baby into a carrier and hop on a trip to the office, talk it over with people at work. If you ask ahead and try to be convincing, chances are, they won’t mind you bringing a cat to work for one day. Start by bringing this to the superiors and then see what your co-workers have to say about it:

  • Speak with management. If the company that you work at has a strict policy against pets in the office, they won’t be very happy with your cat running around causing havoc. That said, ask politely and promise that the feline will behave, and they might just give you a pass. In any case, it’s always wise to ask first versus trying to sneak the pet in.
  • Ask your colleagues about it. Most people love having a cat around and may even want to pet or treat the feline with snacks. However, it could be that someone at work is allergic to cats. So, don’t forget to ask everyone that you work with if they’re okay with you bringing the pet in. Sometimes, allergic signs can be rather severe!
  • See if the cat is up for it. By nature, cats are inquisitive creatures and like to explore new surroundings. But if your kitty is a couch potato, it would probably prefer to say home by itself. Or it could be that a sudden change of scenery might cause stress and anxiety. Consult with a veterinarian if you’re not sure about your cat’s character.
  • Make sure the feline is comfy. Is the cat going to keep you company for several hours? Then it will need its bowls, litter box, and maybe also a toy or two to satisfy its basic needs. You might want to grab its bed as well. When the pet gets a bit restless, it will have the bed to go to and calm itself down.
  • Don’t force any interactions. We know it can be tempting to show the whole world just how great your cat is, but you shouldn’t be too forward with it. If there are cat people at the office, they’ll compliment the feline and ask permission to pet it. Having the kitty on a leash is another great idea.
  • Try to keep it short. You don’t necessarily have to keep the cat at your workplace for eight hours straight. If it’s an anxious pet or if it needs constant bathroom breaks, it would be best to take it back home after a quick introduction. This way, the feline won’t be stressed or turn into a nuisance for your colleagues.

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Spoiling Your Feline on This Very Important Day

If folks at your workplace are ready to back you up, you should put together a photo booth at the office. Everybody can come together with their cats, take pictures, and create beautiful memories. You could also dress the pets up and maybe even put on a thematic costume yourself. Ready to take it up a notch? Then turn the office into a treasure hunt area by hiding tasty snacks and toys for the felines to find.

Back home, consider cooking something yummy for the four-legged bud, like a meat dish you know the little fellow enjoys. And if you have an extra buck or two, buying the cat a toy, pillow, or food dispenser will only cost $10–15 yet make it feel appreciated. Again, it doesn’t have to be a huge (or expensive) thing. Even a very small budget can make the cat’s day.

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How Can Regular Cat Owners Help the Cause?

Raising awareness is the best way for any cat person to help take the Take Your Dog to Work Day to the next level. Use its hashtag on social media, tell your friends and co-workers about it, and help spread the word. And if you’re feeling like you can do more, volunteering at a local rescue center or animal shelter will be the perfect way to aid the cause.

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What can be better than cuddling with your cat after an exhausting nine-to-five? Taking the pet to work, of course! Now, while that might be frowned upon on a regular Monday, if you do it on Take Your Cat to Work Day, the two of you might just get away with it. Follow our guide, and you should be able to avoid trouble with management.

There’s a lot more to this celebration, though. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to show our feline friends how much we love and cherish them. So, if the third Monday of June is right around the corner, make sure you’ve got something special planned for the furry family member!

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