The Holidays Bring A New Animated Film To The Screen With “Migration”

“Migration” hits theaters on December 22.

Birds have had an exciting time of it at the movies. Over the years, birds and others have been featured in TV series (Fred the Cockatoo in Baretta, for one). More interesting is the array of animated films featuring birds. There have been a lot. These include bird-centric films like “Rio” (2011), and its successful follow-up, “Rio 2” (2014); two “Happy Feet” films about penguins (2006, 2011), “Yellowbird” (2014), and “Birds Like Us” (2016).

This only name-checks a couple of classics. These films all come with wonderful messages tucked inside of them about growth and discovery, are aimed at both kids and adults and are beautiful labors of love to watch on the big screen and at home. So, why not do it again?

A Tale of Migrating Through Life

Illumination Studio has released a new animated film for the holidays called “Migration.” The movie follows a family of ducks as they migrate from New England to the warmer clime of Jamaica. The kids encourage the father to let go and create the vacation of a lifetime. Reluctant at first, Dad decides to go ahead and do it. But as these films will have it, dilemmas present themselves to be solved. The family of ducks introduced in “Migration” will find themselves off course, lost, and stopping over inside New York City. As they scurry to find themselves, they meet friends along the way and learn quickly to expand their own thinking for survival in a necessary process of maturing.

As the ducks advance within the movie, they develop enduring friendships in the craziest and unlikeliest places imaginable. They end up with a stronger set of tools, in which to (if you’ll forgive the pun) migrate through life.

“Migration” is voiced by an amazing ensemble of actors that includes Danny DeVito, Elizabeth Banks, Carole Kane, Keegan Michael-Keen, and Awkwafina. Along with the state-of-the-art production of the animated visual display, and the excellent life lessons within, “Migration” adds to a still-growing library of first-run movies that feature birds in the central plot.

Birds are resourceful and enigmatic creatures that can do amazing things. This is not lost on storytellers and animators looking to interest a world of kids to amazing sights within a storyline that instructs and encourages.

“Migration” is planned for the Christmas holiday of 2023 opening in theaters worldwide on December 22. Children are learners and the lessons in this film will percolate within their young minds.

You can view the official trailer here.

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