Three Shy Kittens from Animal Shelter Meet House Cats, are Immediately Curious and Demand Their Attention

Three shy kittens from an animal shelter met two house cats. They were immediately curious and demanded their attention.

three kittens cuteMelon, Mandarin, MangoJennifer

Three kittens (two gingers and one tabby) came into Humane Society for Hamilton County as timid strays. Jennifer, a volunteer for the shelter, checked in on them and was met with many hisses. “They were having some tummy issues and were under-socialized,” Jennifer shared with Love Meow.

When Jennifer’s fosters graduated, she returned to the shelter and noticed the trio was still there after three weeks. With room in her home, she offered to take them and socialize them.

The feline sisters were wary when they first arrived, but Jennifer easily distracted them with toys.

shy kittens ginger torbieMango was the spiciest; Mandarin was the shyest; Melon was the first to open upJennifer

They hissed and shied away from their foster mom, but once she started petting them, they couldn’t resist it. And before long, all three began to let down their guard.

Melon (tabby) came around as she got used to human touch. She let out her purrs before her sisters and grew fond of petting. Mango (long-haired ginger), a hissy spitfire at the shelter, slowly warmed up to her human. When Jennifer stroked her, she didn’t bite or swat but leaned into her.

kittens playful attentionThey warmed up to their foster mom through playJennifer

Mandarin (short-haired ginger), the shyest of the trio, was the most reluctant to come out and play. She tried hiding but caved when she smelled treats. Eventually, she worked up the courage to approach her foster mom.

A few days later, Jennifer’s resident cats, Bodie and Bear, swung by for a quick visit with the new fosters through the playpen. Over the years, the two have assisted Jennifer in fostering numerous kittens.

playful ginger kittens standingJennifer

The trio was instantly enthralled by their presence and stopped in the middle of their meal to chirp and demand attention. “The kittens hadn’t ever meowed like this until they saw Bodie.”

While getting more comfortable with Jennifer, they were easily spooked by sudden noises and movements. The resident cats magically put them at ease and piqued their curiosity.

kittens meowing attentionThe kittens met Bodie for the first timeJennifer

Jennifer continued winning them over with play and lured them into her lap with a feather wand. “Mandarin has suddenly become my best buddy. She is constantly purring loud purrs.”

When the trio and the house cats had their proper meet-and-greet, the kittens were over the moon, following the cats on their heels and vying for their attention.

kittens adore catThey were completely smitten with the resident catsJennifer

“They like Bodie and Bear more than me from the start. They’ve never really shown any fear towards either of them. They always greet them warmly and love to play with their tails,” Jennifer told Love Meow.

The second the cats strut into the foster room, the trio swarms them affectionately.

kittens following catThey followed Bodie around, vying for his attentionJennifer

Bodie tries to cater to all three kittens, while Bear offers snuggle sessions, one kitten at a time.

“My boys have taken right to these girls. No hesitation. They are completely unfazed by their attention and high energy. They have been a big help with getting these girls socialized and more confident.”

cat snuggling kittenBear snuggled with Mandarin, teaching her to be braveJennifer

Mango has turned down the spice meter as she’s become enamored with the cats, especially Bodie, shadowing him and rubbing her face against his.

The trio has grown braver and more confident by watching and interacting with the house cats. They will be spayed this week and ready for adoption.

cat kitten snugglesBear and MangoJennifer

“Mandarin has turned into a lap cat. Melon doesn’t mind being handled anymore. Mango is very playful and doesn’t shy away when you reach for her. They are all very playful, climbing and chasing and wrestling with each other.”

cat kittens treeJennifer

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