Top 25 Healthiest Dog Breeds with the Least Health Problems

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Healthy dogs are best friends to their proud owners, and it made us write an article on “Healthiest dog breeds.” In exploring the 25 healthiest dog breeds, we navigate a diverse spectrum of robust companions. From the dynamic agility of the Australian Cattle Dog to the endearing charm of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, each breed on our list embodies the pinnacle of well-being.

In this parade of health and vitality, the spirited Beagle bounds alongside the agile. Moreover, the intelligent Belgian Malinois showcases the resilience that defines these breeds. Picture the playful scenes with the ever-smiling pug and the water-loving Portuguese Water Dog. Both dogs are a source of joy and vigor in every way.

As we traverse this tapestry of health-centric canines, the swift Greyhound and the sleek Whippet gracefully assert their prowess on the track and in maintaining peak physical condition. The regal Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the vigilant Shetland Sheepdog stand as guardians of health, captivating us with their unique charms.

Our journey further introduces us to the versatile and intelligent Border Collie, the spirited Jack Russell Terrier, and the ever-vigilant Dachshund. The list unfolds, encompassing breeds like the dignified Vizsla, the adventurous Australian Shepherd, and the ancient Basenji, all contributing to the mosaic of health and vitality.

Join us as we uncover the 25 healthiest dog breeds, where names like the Kerry Blue Terrier, the resilient Rat Terrier, and the exotic Peruvian Hairless Dogs and Mudi seamlessly weave into the narrative of longevity and companionship.

Undoubtedly, we will provide you with a short introduction to these dogs, but we will also answer your various questions. The questions we will answer are not comprehensive, but we ensure they are very informative. First, let us talk about these healthiest dog breeds, and then we will advance!

1. Australian Cattle Dog

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The Australian Cattle Dog is an expert at herding cows; forget about fancy footwork. Imagine lengthy days on the farm without breaking a sweat—these puppies possess the intelligence and endurance to keep things going all day. Vet appointments are few since they are as resilient as nails. They’re all about fun and loyalty; they’re always prepared to cuddle on the sofa or chase the frisbee.

Did you also mention that stylish coat? Simple to maintain, it is ideal for a busy family on the go. These dogs require mental challenges and exercise, so be prepared for adventures! You’ll like their can-do attitude, and they’ll adore you for it.

2. Beagle

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With its keen sense of smell and kind temperament, the beagle needs little maintenance to be healthy. This versatile breed thrives in various settings and fits well with family life. Grooming becomes easy because of their small stature and short coat. They are also an excellent option for homes looking for a vibrant and loving addition because of their gregarious temperament. The beagle is a low-maintenance, health-conscious pet ideal for households wishing to give their houses a lively touch.

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3. Belgian Malinois

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With its keen sense of smell and kind temperament, the beagle needs little maintenance to be healthy. Usually, they live between 10 and 14 years. These dogs, especially if a competent breeder breeds them, don’t have many health issues compared to other breeds. This versatile breed thrives in various settings and fits well with family life.

Grooming becomes easy because of their small stature and short coat. They are also an excellent option for homes looking for a vibrant and loving addition because of their gregarious temperament. The beagle is a low-maintenance, health-conscious pet ideal for households wishing to give their houses a lively touch.

4. Chihuahua

a small white dog sitting in leaves

The energetic and enthusiastic little Chihuahua usually has good health. Their lifespan of 12 to 20 years is attributed to their tiny size and low maintenance requirements, which make them ideal for smaller living areas. Chihuahuas are intelligent, lovable dogs who require regular care and exercise to flourish. For those looking for a dependable, tiny friend, their presence brings delight into their lives. Chihuahuas may cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500 in the western states of California, Washington, and Colorado, particularly considering how well-liked the breed is in places like Southern California.

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5. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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Cardigans are a more ancient and uncommon breed, with ancestry resembling Tekdal dogs, including the Dachshund. They were still in the care of the elderly farmers and breeders, who kept breeding them carefully to be used as household pets and for herding. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a relatively healthy dog with long tails and a robust frame. They can adjust to family life because of their intelligence and loving personalities. For them to stay healthy, regular exercise and mental stimulation are essential. For dedicated owners, these dogs provide a reasonable yet fulfilling experience with their mild maintenance requirements.

6. Rat Terrier

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The Rat Terrier is a robust little dog with few health problems that is energetic and low-maintenance. Most people are kind and patient with children but might be reticent toward strangers. Even though they are among the calmest terrier types, they are nonetheless energetic dogs who need regular exercise, walks, and lots of company.

Being a part of the human family is where they thrive. Known for their wit and skill, they are excellent at many things. Because of their devotion, they are great family pets who regularly enjoy mental and physical challenges. For individuals looking for an energetic and loyal canine friend, this breed offers a fulfilling companionship experience.

7. Greyhound 

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Greyhounds are prized for their grace and speed and are often calm, healthy dogs. Their short hair requires little maintenance, and their versatility makes them suitable for various living situations. Despite their history in racing, greyhounds are surprisingly low-maintenance pets who make lovely, peaceful companions for anybody looking for a sophisticated, well-mannered pet.

The average cost to get a Greyhound puppy is between $800 and $4,000. The breeder’s reputation, bloodline, age, gender, and color are just a few variables that can significantly affect the price.

8. Whippet

a dog standing in a field

Whippets are miniature Greyhounds that are typically healthy dogs with few health issues. Italian greyhounds were eventually bred into the whippet to give it a sleek look. The breed was created from terriers and little English greyhounds. With a tight, silky coat, often gray, brown, or white, this dog resembles a greyhound, is between 18 and 22 inches (46 and 56 cm) in height, and weighs around 28 pounds (13 kg).

They are suitable for families because of their sweet disposition and short coat, which require little maintenance. To be happy and satisfied, pets must play and exercise regularly. Whippets have an elegant and loving presence for individuals looking for an adaptable canine companion.

9. Miniature Schnauzer

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The miniature Schnauzer is intelligent, flexible, and generally healthy. Easily identifiable by their unusual eyebrows and beards, they need light maintenance. They are lively companions that do well in a variety of living environments. They thrive on frequent exercise and mental stimulation.

Although all dogs like to bark, Schnauzers are known to bark a lot and may be excellent watchdogs. They may bark for various causes, like fear, hunger, depression, or boredom. Households looking for an active yet controllable canine companion can enjoy their lively attitude.

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Known for their loving nature, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels usually have good health and minimal health issues. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep their magnificent look, as their luxurious, silky coats demand. These endearing canines, who thrive on human company, are great options for anybody looking for a devoted friend or family member.

Beyond their charming demeanor, Cavaliers are incredibly adaptive, blending well with various settings. This breed, renowned for its grace and tenderness, is notable for having royal blood, which adds to its sophisticated manner. Any home is sure to be cheered up by the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a charming mix of elegance and affection.

11. Pug

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Pugs, renowned for their cute creases and amiable disposition, are adorable and healthy pets. Their well-built bodies add to their strong outlook on life, allowing them to move effortlessly in various settings. In addition to their expressive eyes that easily capture people’s hearts, pugs are remarkably adaptable to different living environments because of their small stature.

These adorable dogs exude happiness despite their occasional snoring and love of relaxation. Notably, proper breeding procedures are credited with their few health difficulties, highlighting the need to choose trustworthy breeders. Pugs are the ideal companion—they represent the harmonic fusion of good health and a joyful disposition.

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12. Portuguese Water Dog

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The Portuguese water dog is a symbol of life and happiness. This highly athletic breed radiates excitement and vitality. Their attractive, weatherproof, curly coat is evidence of their capacity to adapt to both land and aquatic environments. These dogs are healthy and adventurous, with very few health issues. The Portuguese Water Dog’s vitality is evidence of the tenacity that characterizes this breed, whether as a devoted friend or a quick swimmer.

13. Border Collie

a black and white dog standing in grass

The Border Collie is one of the healthiest dog breeds in the world. This breed is often well-off because of its exceptional intelligence and unlimited activity. They are champions in many canine sports because of their incredible agility and hard work ethic. Border Collies enjoy busy, purpose-filled lives with few health problems. Their lively eyes reflect their energy, and their steadfast loyalty gives their relationship with their human friends a poignant depth.

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14. Shetland Sheepdog

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The Shetland Sheepdog is a picture of elegance, intellect, royal bearing, and robust health. Because of their delight, their rich double coat takes less maintenance. These dogs demonstrate their excellent physical health through their superior agility and obedience. Shetland sheepdogs are gentle creatures with a few health issues that make them great family pets. They are the perfect blend of style and energy.

15. Australian Shepherd

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With its eye-catching coat and lively nature, the Australian Shepherd is a living example of vitality and health. This intelligent and agile breed enjoys both mental and physical challenges. Their expressive eyes reflect an inherent energy, and their few health problems highlight their fortitude. Australian Shepherds are loving pets because they are happy dogs, and their healthy bodies are evidence of their sunny disposition.

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16. Vizsla

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One of the most elegant and athletic breeds, the Vizsla is notable for having few health issues. These dogs are strong and agile, with a slim build and a short, rust-colored coat. Vizslas are known for their amiable nature and ability to form strong ties with people. Their health and limitless energy make them the perfect companions for active lives. A lively spirit, attesting to the few health issues this breed encounters, resides in the heart of every Vizsla.

17. Dachshund

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Dachshunds are known for being healthy with their characteristic long bodies and energetic attitudes. They are resilient in the face of probable back problems because they retain their agility and vigor despite their unusual bodies. Dachshunds are renowned for their bravery and curiosity, and they have a wonderful sense of resolve when facing life. They are enduring companions because of their low health issues, showing that happiness and health coexist in small spaces.

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18. Jack Russell Terrier

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The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, intelligent, energetic dog that is generally healthy. Despite their diminutive stature, they have a strong personality, and their natural agility maintains them in peak shape. Jack Russells are incredibly agile and persistent dogs with a strong spirit of adventure. They are energetic companions for anyone looking for limitless energy in a fun, furry bundle since their few health problems highlight their zeal for life.

19. Basenji

a brown and white dog lying on the ground

With its graceful and composed manner, the Basenji is notable for having few health issues. Their general toughness is reflected in their short, silky coat, which requires little upkeep. Basenjis are a breed without barks; they express themselves through distinctive vocalizations that give their lively personalities a charming touch. Basenjis are known for their intelligence and agility, and they handle life with an elegance that matches their excellent health. In their sleek form lies a living testament to a breed that combines elegance and well-being seamlessly.

20. Kerry Blue Terrier

a dog standing in grass

Originating in Ireland, the hardy Kerry Blue Terrier is known for its lustrous, curly hair and unwavering personality. Known for their versatility, these canines flourish in various settings while radiating charm and intelligence. Although they are active dogs, Kerry Blues seldom have health problems, which adds to their image as a sturdy and resilient breed. These friends give their lucky owner happiness and a sense of vigor with their alluring blue-gray coats and lively personalities.

21. Canaan Dog

a white dog standing in grass

The Canaan Dog is a symbol of health and history right in the middle of the Middle East. This old breed, which comes from the biblical regions, has a robust immune system and remarkable durability. Due to their alert temperament and mild activity requirements, the Canaan Dog is a low-maintenance but loyal friend. Their uniqueness lends an air of exclusivity to the relationship, as owners enjoy living with a breed that perfectly blends old-world elegance and modern comforts.

22. Peruvian Hairless Dog

a dog standing in grass

The hairless dog, an old breed valued for its distinct look, combines elegance and vigor in the Peruvian Hairless Dog. Despite their unusual appearance, these canines are resilient, frequently exhibiting fewer health issues than their furry counterparts. Their owners value the cuddly disposition and simplicity of maintenance of Peruvian hairless dogs. The lack of a typical coat only deepens the physical bond since these dogs’ warm, silky skin makes them a source of happiness and comfort for anyone fortunate enough to be in their company.

23. Kreisch Terrier

a white dog standing in grass

A lesser-known treasure enchanted with its small stature and excellent health is the Kreisch Terrier. German in origin, this happy breed is impressive not only for its lively personality but also for its strong constitution. Because of their reputation for having few health problems, Kreisch Terriers are an excellent option for anyone looking for a companion that won’t need as much medical care. Together with their general well-being, these terriers’ joyful energy creates a winning mix that promotes enduring relationships and happiness that everybody enjoys.

24. Mudi

a dog standing on a dirt road

A lesser-known treasure, the Kreisch Terrier enchants with its small stature and sound temperament. This happy German breed looks good and has a strong constitution. Kreisch Terriers are praised for having few health problems. It makes them an excellent option for anyone looking for a companion that needs less care. These terriers’ joyful spirit and general well-being combine to create a winning mix that encourages. On the other hand, they endure relationships and happiness that everybody enjoys.

25. Fox Terrier

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With their stylish looks and energetic dispositions, Fox Terriers enjoy a life with few health problems. They are healthy overall because of their robust bodies and short coats. Fox Terriers are full of energy, total spirit, and intellect. They represent a species that enjoys an active existence with their endearing antics and inexhaustible excitement. Fox Terriers are happy, healthy dogs that epitomize a fun canine buddy. They are devoted friends.


Our voyage into the realm of the healthiest dog breeds has been a pleasant investigation of vigor and camaraderie. Every species on our list, from the energetic Beagle to the majestic Cardigan Welsh Corgi, is a beautiful example of solid health and devoted companionship. These dogs, whether active pugs or quick greyhounds, infuse their owners’ lives with vitality and happiness. Every breed adds to the story of longevity and contentment in this mosaic of well-being. Selecting a dog from among these breeds guarantees a source of joy and a long-lasting relationship with a pet that personifies health and energy.

The 25 healthiest dog breeds segment has reached the final point, but the write-up has much to tell you. It would help if you thought about what we will learn; these answer your questions. This information starts with the oldest live dog and ends with the tiniest dog breed worldwide.

Meanwhile, it has various parts, like the best dog for the family, the priciest dog, and the food that makes dogs live longer. These are the questions you often ask on social media and our website. So, let us start the journey of answering your queries.


Which dog is the oldest one still alive?

Guinness World Records recognized Bobi on February 2, 2023, as the oldest dog ever recorded and the first to reach 30. However, this certification has since been questioned. At the alleged age of 31, Bobi passed away in October 2023.

Which dog is best for a family?

A black, chocolate, or yellow Labrador Retriever is a good option if you’re searching for a safe breed that is active and protective at the same time. Even the busiest, most active kids can keep up with them. They also swim rather well, which is a benefit.

Which dog is the priciest?

Tibetan mastiffs may seem frightening despite their enormous size, but they are relatively calm and kind. They are also among the priciest breeds available, costing anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. Big Splash, a red Tibetan Mastiff, sold for an estimated $1.5 million, making it the most expensive dog ever sold!

What foods make dogs live longer?

Whole food is precisely what it sounds like—unprocessed. Use authentic food straight from the source, free of chemicals, preservatives, or artificial substances. Moreover, high-quality freeze-dried food and leafy greens are two excellent examples of dog food that prolongs a dog’s life.

Which dog breed is the tiniest in the world?

According to Guinness World Records, Miracle Milly, the Chihuahua, is the world’s tiniest dog. She measured less than 4 inches in height and weighed about one pound, much less than usual for Chihuahuas.

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