Top 5 Best Ice-Cream Brands for Your Dog in 2024

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Hot days, wagging tails, and happy barks—it’s summertime, and your furry friend deserves a cool treat! But hold on, before you sneak them a lick of your ice cream, remember that those sugar-packed, dairy-laden human treats are no-gos for pups. So, what’s a dog lover to do? Fear not, fellow ice cream enthusiasts (both two-legged and four-legged!) because we’ve got the scoop on the top 5 best ice cream brands for your dog in 2024!

Get ready to ditch the guilt and dish out some drool-worthy delights that are safe, delicious, and specially formulated for our canine companions. From creamy classics to adventurous swirls, we’re about to unleash a world of wag-worthy frozen fun for your furry best friend! So, grab your leash, head to the pet store, and prepare to pamper your pup with the coolest treat of the season!

Top 5 best ice-cream brands for your dog in 2024

Get rid of your dairy problems and dive into a world of dog-friendly treats with our list of the top 5 ice cream brands for 2024.

1: Smoofl Premium Dog Snacks

Your dog’s taste buds will be invited to a summer celebration with Smoofl Premium Dog Snacks! Imagine tasty ice cream flavors like peanut butter and strawberry that are suitable for dogs to enjoy, packaged in compact ice pops. Smoofl, however, is more than simply a refreshing drink. Along with the excitement, these delights provide a hidden dose of vitamins and probiotics thanks to their packed yogurt and natural fruit ingredients.

Nothing but pure, puppy-pleasing goodness—no plastic waste or messes thanks to the edible “joy sticks”! But hold on a second! With Smoofl’s mix-and-freeze feature, you can personalize serving sizes and even make frozen art for your canine. Smoofl provides everything your pet needs, from a fast cool-down to a DIY dessert experience! 


  • Made with high-quality, natural ingredients
  • Tailored to specific dietary needs
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Appealing flavors and textures
  • It can be used for training or positive reinforcement


Get it from Amazon now: £15.99 & with FREE Returns.

 2: Billy + Margot Premium Frozen Dog Iced Treats

This is not your typical pup-sicles. Created with love from genuine fruit and healthy ingredients like coconut oil and flaxseed, they’re like summer sunshine for your pet. Imagine your dog licking the strawberry and apple swirl or diving into the banana and honey fantasy with a tail wag. Billy & Margot snacks are tasty and contain vitamins and antioxidants to keep your dog healthy and active.

Due to their grain- and dairy-free nature, even sensitive stomachs may enjoy frozen treats. Skip the guilt and give your dog a mouthwatering treat. Billy + Margot’s Premium Frozen Dog Iced Treats proclaim “I love you” with every bite!


  • Made with natural, dog-safe ingredients
  • Offers different options to keep your pup’s taste buds.
  • Convenient single-serve cups
  • Frozen yoghurt base
  • Premium ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


Get it from Amazon now: £162.00 & with FREE Returns.

 3: Scoops Dog Ice Cream, 6 x 125-ml Pots

It may be difficult to resist the temptation to give those puppy-dog eyes a scoop of your ice cream, but be sure you don’t give in! Regular ice cream is loaded with all kinds of substances that are potentially hazardous to our four-legged companions. So, what if you could satisfy your dog’s need for sweets by giving them a frozen treat developed just for them? Scoops Dog Ice Cream is now available for your consumption!

These handy 6 x 125-ml pots are full of tasty treats for dogs. They are made with natural yogurt and caramel that is safe for dogs, and they come in tasty tastes like strawberry swirl and vanilla bean. You can also be sure that you are giving your dog healthy and tasty food because they don’t have any added sugar, colors, or tastes.


  • Easy-to-make and mess-free treats.
  • Offers multiple flavors.
  • Formulated specifically for dogs, it avoids harmful additives.
  • Help prevent overindulgence and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Providing a cool and delicious perk.


  • Requires freezer to store

Get it from Amazon now: £8.47 & with FREE Returns.

4: Smoofl XS Puppy Kit

Is your little dog teething and biting so much that it’s driving you crazy? Presenting the Smoofl XS Puppy Kit, an adorable way to relieve gums and spread happiness! This ingenious kit has everything you need to make 16 mouthwatering ice pralines and 20 cool lollipops, specifically designed for your little friend.

Imagine your dog’s happiness as they gnaw on delicious strawberry and banana flavors, the coolness relieving sore gums. Furthermore, the cute paw-shaped candies are the ideal size for little mouths, providing them with a secure and fulfilling way to commemorate those significant teething milestones. Say goodbye to the plastic chew toys and welcome a world of tasty, healthful enjoyment with the Smoofl XS Puppy Kit; your tiny pet will be clamoring for more!


  • Ideal for tiny pups and brachycephalic breeds with shorter snouts.
  • Silicone teats
  • Helps prevent gulping and overfeeding.
  • Allows multiple puppies to feed simultaneously.
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for all puppies.

Get it from Amazon now: £24.75 & with FREE Returns.

5: Special Dog Treats Iced Mini Trio Woofins

Put an end to boring biscuits! Iced Mini Trio Woofins are similar to little gourmet cupcakes for your dog. Imagine three types of yogurt icing: vanilla, carob, and a lively pink. Each would be poured over a foundation of vanilla sponge. And to top it all off, a paw-print muffin wrapper proudly holds a crunchy bone biscuit. Even before your dog lays eyes on it, it’s a sensory extravaganza! Because they are made by hand using only the best ingredients that are fit for human consumption, you can feel good about indulging your pet.

Moreover, they’re also quite small, so even most miniature dogs may enjoy them. They’re great for celebrating important events or simply saying “Woof you!” with a tasty pop. With Iced Mini Trio Woofins, you can let go of the usual and release the extraordinary—your dog will reward you with enthusiastic licks and tail wags!


  • Three playful flavor swirls and a crunchy bone biscuit.
  • Made with human-grade ingredients
  • Perfect for small dogs.
  • Ideal for special occasions.
  • Easy handling and cleanup.


  • Sugar content might not suit all dogs.

Get it from Amazon now: £44.99 & with FREE Returns.

Are there ice cream alternatives for dogs with allergies?

Of course! Don’t let allergies ruin your dog’s summertime activities. Here are a few tasty substitutes for ice cream from the store.

Frozen Fruit Pops

Fruits suitable for dogs, such as bananas, mangoes, or berries, may be blended with water and frozen in popsicle molds. It’s a vitamin-rich, refreshing delight!

Yogurt Delights

Combine plain, unsweetened yogurt with mashed banana or pumpkin puree and freeze in a Kong or Licky Mat for a cold and messy good time.

Bone Broth Pops

A nutritious and hydrating treat is bone broth. Freeze it in ice cube trays or Kongs to get a cool down and a delicious crunch.

DIY Dog Ice Cream

Make “nice cream” instead of dairy by combining peanut butter and frozen bananas. Make sure to use peanut butter that is safe for dogs!

Even when it comes to handmade goods, moderation is essential. If you have any doubts, be sure to verify the components and speak with your veterinarian. Cheers to your successful scooping! 

Should I consult my vet before giving my dog ice cream?

It’s always best to see your veterinarian before giving your dog any human food, especially something as decadent and potentially harmful as ice cream, even if it may be tempting to treat your dog to your love of ice cream. Below are some reasons why you should consult your vet.

Dairy Dilemma

The inability of the majority of dogs to effectively digest lactose found in dairy products may result in digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, and even vomiting.

Sugar Overload

Sugar-filled ice cream may cause dogs to gain weight, have dental problems, or even develop diabetes.

Toxic Ingredients

Dogs are poisoned by components like chocolate, raisins, and xylitol in several ice cream flavors.

Therefore, even if a little taste of plain vanilla ice cream would not be fatal, it’s better to err on the side of caution. Your veterinarian may recommend suitable substitutes for your dog, such as homemade frozen treats with dog-friendly ingredients like yogurt, bananas, peanut butter, or dog-safe ice cream brands. Moreover, remember that your dog’s happiness and health come first, and when it comes to their nutrition, getting advice from a veterinarian is always a good idea!


Can dogs eat ice cream?

Ice cream’s high sugar and dairy content may cause intestinal distress in most dogs, even though it’s not intrinsically poisonous. Choose healthy frozen snacks for dogs to keep them comfortable and cool!

Are there dog-friendly ice cream brands?

Of course! Awesome businesses like Pooch Creamery and Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts blend delicious flavors like peanut butter, banana, and sweet potato into dog-safe ice cream. Get a nutritious treat for your pet instead of the fuss around dairy products!

What ingredients should I avoid in dog ice cream?

Avoid dog ice cream that contains chocolate, raisins, xylitol, and artificial sweeteners since they may all be harmful! Remain with dog-safe components such as peanut butter, yogurt, and fruits.

How much ice cream is safe for my dog to consume?

The brand’s contents and the dog’s size determine the safe ice cream dosage. Generally speaking, a modest lick (10g) is acceptable for ordinary dogs. For precise advice, depending on the brand of ice cream and your dog’s health, speak with your veterinarian.

Are there ice cream flavors that are better for dogs?

Yes, some flavors of ice cream are safer for dogs than others! Eat only simple vanilla or yogurt-based desserts; avoid potentially hazardous foods like chocolate, raisins, nuts, and artificial sweeteners. Recall that even “safe” tastes are to be consumed in proportion. Before adding new items to your dog’s diet, always get advice from your veterinarian!


So, there you have it—the top 5 best ice cream brands for your dog in 2024! From playful swirls and crunchy toppings to creamy classics and convenient single-serve cups, there’s a perfect pup-sicle for every tail-wagging friend. Remember, even the best dog ice cream should be enjoyed in moderation, always keeping your furry friend’s health and dietary needs in mind.

But when the summer heat strikes and those puppy eyes plead for a sweet treat, you can rest assured knowing you have a scoop of delicious and safe options to keep your canine companion cool, happy, and begging for more!

Lastly, go forth and unleash the frozen fun! And don’t forget to share your pup’s favorite flavors and brands in the comments below. We’d love to hear about the tail-wagging moments your dog’s new ice cream obsession creates.

Happy scooping; remember, a happy dog is a dog with ice cream!

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