Ultimate Avian Artworks? Lego® Macaw Build Kits Offer Fun & Decor

The LEGO® Macaw Parrots building set is part of its Fauna Collection.

Lego has a magnificent history of releasing interesting new build sets featuring many facets of popular culture. Their colorful and innovative connecting bricks have covered things from fantasy elements, historical structures, creatures, flowers, and so many other ideas as to lose track of the coverage of them all. We had previously reported on a beautiful 3 in 1 parrot bird for kids that contained 253 bricks in an easy-to-assemble set (read that here). That set also allowed for the building of a frog, and a fish using the same bricks set, however the mood struck for the day. To entertain kids further, the set even allowed for movement in a rotating body. But now it’s the adults’ turn.

A more complex package was announced back in the fourth quarter of 2023 that seemed to take forever to confirm. But when it was confirmed, it was to announce the immediate release of a new Macaw Parrots box. The set is available within the expansive Fauna Collection and will feature Macaw Parrots in a set that can hang on the wall after building. With homes containing all kinds of artwork on walls, this beautiful set can help express the love of parrots in these two gorgeous Lego builds. One is of a yellow Macaw with green coloring that sits on a flowering branch; the other is a Pink and Green Macaw in flight with wings beautifully spread.

What’s In The Box

The Macaw Parrots set will contain 644 Lego bricks, which means the build won’t be a fast one. These builds do not stand on their own and are purposely designed to be presented on your wall after their creation. The yellow macaw is over 16 inches in height after it is built, and the in-flight pink macaw is over 13.5 inches in height after building.

The included instructions cover two methods of building the set. The first method is the solitary one for those who find comfort and personal satisfaction in self-building. The other is designed for the social experience that involves bringing others into the fun. All in all, the results will be wonderfully your own.

Eye-Catching Wall Art

Lego parrot
This LEGO® building set lets you create your own gorgeous, frameless piece of parrot art.

What’s even better is that the two parrots can be uniquely displayed with other creative and expressive art that complements these Lego creations. You can dress up your wall (or aviary) with a wide variety of ideas with these parrots as centerpieces.

The model number for this Fauna Collection package is 31211. It can be purchased directly from Lego (here), where you can earn points for future purchases (and we know that there will be other bird sets…eventually). They can also be purchased from the king of online sales – US Amazon (here); UK Amazon (here). The price for the US market is $59.99, while the UK price sits at £44.09.

We hope that if building this set is your wish, you will enjoy a fully immersive experience with your set and its subsequent unique display. Feel free to send us your photos afterward. We’d love to see your creation!

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